Day One – Kicking the Sugar Pimp in the Groceries for Thirty Days

By | June 1, 2021

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I just spent two hours wrestling with a computer issue, a barking dog and of course a reminder from la familia that my dreams don’t matter.

These are all things that ordinarily would have caused me to reach for the cookies or yell “cake break”.

It’s day one and already I ‘m obsessing over something warm, sticky and sweet.

My family and I love sugar.

Whether it was my grandmother’s apple cobbler with double crust and extra sugar or the hunt for “something “sweet” after dinner, the thing that mattered most was that it was something with sugar and if it was warm- even better.

What I’ve learned over the years is that sugar, while entertaining and mood altering, does not solve each and every problem life throws your way.

And if you spend any time on this planet, life will sucker puunch you every now and again. Basically for two reasons, one just cause it can and two because you are having a human experience and it’s part of what we sign up for when we agreed to become human.

Anyone want to change a food addiction for 30 days?

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