How Brownies Helped me Survive Joblessness

By | March 27, 2023

There is a part of us that is very wise and is extremely adept at coming up with solutions and thinking things through.

To thrive amidst chaos and upset, we should undoubtedly listen to the wise part of us.

It is this part of my right thinking mind that came up with the great idea why not offer brownies for payment or at least a stop gap until the loot comes rolling in ?

It worked.

I was always camera ready and able to jump on public transportation at a moment’s notice in an effort to secure employment.

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While delectable snacks provided me with the chance to move forward because I was always ready to do so, I want to point out that the real issue here is bartering which is based on designing incredible relationships with people.

Relationships that are built on trust, respect and consistency.

My kind and compassionate barber was able to extend hair credit to me because I had been coming to her for two years and leaving gigantic tips.

Without the knowledge that I would one day be required to barter and bargain just to have simple needs met, I established a productive working relationship before I had a serious need for help.

It made the asking that much easier.

The art of exchanging one set of goods for another is not new. In fact, prior to the exchange of currency, it is how everything got done. I didn’t create this form of exchange instead I used it to my benefit and the benefit of those around me.

My belief is that absolutely anything can be bartered for.

If it is something that you want badly enough, anything is negotiable.

I am not suggesting you allow yourself or those you love to be undeniably exploited. It is a better choice and use of your time if you barter from a position of power.

Are you bold enough to trade a current secret skill for a chance at a better future?

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