The Buffy Summers School of Surviving Joblessness

By | March 30, 2023

I love saying that Joss Whedon inspired me and gave me insight through a fictional world that all things are possible.

Joss’s creation allowed us to look for and expect power in all the forgotten and dismissed places in the world.

Whedon forced me to push past the limits of my imagination and my real life crises of finding work and a stable self supporting living environment.

When I was told fifty times in one day that I had no marketable skills, I made hard core decisions based on gems gleaned from the Whedonverse and fought back by confronting the twelve year old who offered this sublime insight.

I stated my skill set and why it was useful and then immediately requested schooling in the new verbiage that would allow me to be heard and my skills seen.

Remembering that many people did not appreciate nor understand Buffy yet greatly needed her thinking and muscle to save them, I would remind myself that although people didn’t see my gifts did not mean they were nonexistent.

In a huge battle scene with a formidable and believed to be unstoppable foe, Buffy remembers her greatness and takes on the beast with these wonderful words that I live by: I always find a way.

When my income consisted of a dwindling unemployment check and I wanted to take acting classes in L.A. and only had a meager income and no car and needed to take a two hour bus ride to get there, I found a way.

After some time, all of the Buffyisms paid off.

I landed a great job that I took from part time to full time with benefits in less than a year, moved into a condo , bought a car and met a wonderful man who I eventually married.

I always find a way.

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