How Obama can win in 2012

By | April 17, 2012

When my grandmother and I discussed President Obama soon after his victory, she was moved to a place of highly emotional disbelief and outright pride.

As she put it, “I never thought I would live to see this day.”

I had to also admit that while I believed it would happen, I just assumed it wouldn’t occur in my lifetime either. This is was four years ago and now we are at a very pivotal point in the history of American politics, race relations and people’s ability and or unwillingness to examine and create a new set off possibilities.

Obama is in serious trouble if any of us are under the illusion that all we need to do to prepare for the bloodbath is simply do what was done before.

Folks wake up.

We have an even nastier battle ahead because much like Pandora upon her release no one will ever shove these concepts and progressive ideals back into a dark lonely box ever again.

While I don’t agree with every thing he has said or done,it is my job to support and draw attention to any entity that offers an opportunity for some fresh and forward moving thinking.

Let us be clear that he inherited a mess. He is beyond qualified to fix things and could use our help and some clear thinking regarding our most immediate pressing needs. So as a good American who is neither completely disgruntled with our sometimes wacky and insane policies nor an individual who romanticizes the isms they often create, I offer not one but two brilliant suggestions that will allow Obama’s reelection and encourage Americans to rethink these pesky laws that suggest anyone doing something wonderful be limited to two terms.

First and this is what won him a slew of votes the first go round: keep the beautiful, brilliant, gracious and focused Michelle Obama out front.

Yes, we want more of her.

Forget the nitwits who are determined to paint her as the angry black woman.

What this probably means is that she is clear and determined.

Those of us who are mired in colonization, fear and just plain stupidity are probably beyond offended that she and her ilk are not begging for affirmation from the masses nor is she at all apologetic about who she is.

Yeah, that means angry. Mr. Obama, we do love you and yet your wife is truly an act of graciousness that would send the next round of voters galloping to the polls. The first lady provides a clear example of maintaining all that your heart desires and being able to make it look effortless.

In addition, Mrs. Obama is a clearly is a beacon to those of us who have young people and their nurturance as a concern while simultaneously holding them and the community at large responsible for their choices. As a mother,she clearly has had to allow her young daughters the opportunities to skin some knees and garner some bruises all in the name of learning in life by what us older folk refer to as “experience”.

Because women tend to be far more comfortable sharing power, it is imperative that we see her stand with you on important matters and take on as many of her own as she can.

Girls in Pearls- Brilliant.

Getting folks to move by rehauling food choices and having pop superstar Beyonce add a video-sublime.

Give Michelle Obama 200 million dollars and a nation of kids begging and needing to be educated and watch the magic.

President Obama could also do a major bailout.

We know they work and apparently Congress is always looking for an institution that could use one. Education could use a serious (financial) shot in the arm. We wouldn’t dream of asking for the type of billion dollar payouts that banks feel entitled to.

Instead,we would like small manageable grants of 10-20 million.

Mr. Obama,you already have several persons who have spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to discredit your birthplace,education,race and religion, keep ’em on the payroll but now they will get to use their powers for good.

Have this unscrupulous bunch research our country and find the lowest performing schools and bring us back a full report.

I suggest they also do away with all of the insane testing and simply dedicate five million dollars to 100 schools each and focus on teaching creative thinking and problem solving, growing organic healthy food(here’s a project you and the Mrs. can do together) money management (have those bankers and WS Wizards come in and teach by example of what not to do) and of course how to build healthy successful relationships.

What a curriculum this would be.

Find five teachers per school that are kicking butt and make sure their salaries are handsomely increased along with a substantial living allowance or maybe some free gorgeous housing.

Hire a pr firm to make education as exciting and titillating as the latest celebrity gossip.

There you have it Mr. President. Break a leg. We’ll be watching and can’t wait to see how much more you will achieve with at least one more term.

Anthony Carter

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