Two additional types of people needed to start a revolution

By | May 1, 2012

With an election just around the corner, beautiful bright black spirits being snuffed out, it is very easy to forget the thing that gave all of this a great big kick in the butt.

The Occupy Movement is not leaving any time soon nor should it.

I have been to marches, talks and interviewed dozens of folks who have been very affected by the abject greed that undergirds this country and so much of our interactions with one another as well as other countries.

Sarah Robinson, in her great article ( six types of people you need to start a revolution) neglects to mention two specific types. I would like to point out two additional types that failed to get an honorable mention : the intellectual artist and the spiritual guider.

Ms. Robinson mentioned that revolutions and any and all upheaval requires diversity. What about individuals who are a hybrid and freely live in multiple worlds? There are folks who have managed to combine the best that the world and themselves have to offer who inspire and encourage us all with their commitment to social change, personal growth and social responsibility.

Many, but not all artist can connect the head with the heart and if given just a hint of the spotlight will bring much appeal and a large cross section of individuals together.

This is the real fear of the 1% and any group that has maintained power over a powerless and consistently confused group for an extended period of time.

The real power of the six and any group of individuals is the ability to appreciate, participate and create entities across borders and boundaries.

If an individual is assigned only one role what happens when he outgrows it or there is clearly a need for some other type of engagement.

The artist/intellectual is able to see/experience most things and has the ability to create, instruct and guide others in efforts to combine heart and head action.

When we think of heart and head action, we must look to and for the spiritual guidance giver.

Although religion and its practitioners have gotten a seriously bad rap for the last decade or more, there can be no serious movement social or otherwise that seriously lacks a spiritual center. With spirit at the center the way we interact with one another and the perceived “other” is undeniably changed.

There is no need or place for greed and domination if we are living from the spirit and the beauty that is human hearts.

Any person committed to the life of spiritual growth is unable to harbor angst and the need to coerce another. The seventh and most important person in the revolution is the person moving from the soul out into the world to create real lasting change.

Spirituality, when not being manipulated via humanistic greed and desires only concerns itself with evolution, human growth and potential.

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