No Mas Caca: Day One

By | July 15, 2021

Something happens when you reach an almost twenty-year-old goal!

You lose your s$%t!

This is what happens.

You begin to believe that anything is possilbe.

You begin dusting off old dreams and thinking “what next?” instead of “it’s too late”.

Let me catch you up… Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine premiered in 2002.

Although I’d seen other documentaries, this one really gave a me a kick in the chiclets.

I immediately proclaimed to myself that this was the kind of work I’d do one day.

Watching this film felt like a homecoming.

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I know it’s a bit dippy but I felt a life’s calling.

The same way I felt when performing in nightclubs and teaching youth.

All of this brings me to the current reality.

I am a documenterary filmmaker.

Last September, I joined a wonderful film collective sponsored by the University of Southern California (Documentary Filmmaking for Social Change) and taught by the sublime Rafael Angulo. I threw my hat in the ring and began shaping ideas that nine months later would produce a docoumentary chronicling my decison to live to 102 and support 10,000 black men in making this same vow.

Here’s where the no mas caca rule comes into play.

If documentary filmmaking is back on the table after burning silenty in my gut for almost two decades, what else is available?

Opening my housing nonprofit for LQBTQ Youth? Losing forty pounds? Paying off Student Loans?

What are your long abandonded dreams?

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