No Mas Caca: Day Two

By | July 17, 2021

You’ve been lied to.

Your friends and family think your stupid and gullible.

They don’t know any better because they’re stupid and gullible.

What is all the drama and nonsense about?


You’ve all heard the ridiculous cliche’s and probably spouted a few yourself.

Money is the root of all evil. Money can’t buy happiness. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are miserable.

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We get told everything about money’s wickedness and nothing about its power.

Not a farting thing about why it is needed, the good it can do and the fact that it touches every aspect of our lives (thanks Suze Orman).

Please dear reader let’s end this malarkey today.

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Many years ago, I survived in NYC.

Whether living on falafel and pizza based on $20 a week for food or living in a tiny overpriced room, I was always broke, desperate and prone to making stupid, fear based decisions.

When you have no control over your finances you are always at the mercy of employers, the market and everything that has no interest in seeing you happy, successful or fulfilled.

But there is a way out- a system and a new set of beliefs to push yourself out of this reactionary state.

Give up the Caca about money and its importance.

Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I let go of the money foolishness in my 40’s – 43 to be exact.

I began making a consistent amount of money. And holding on to it.

I made budgets (Spending Plans) and forced myself to make grown up decisions. When I moved from forcing decisions to creating and honoring my “new” habits, my life became less stressful, more joyful and unrecognizable.

My life moved from “have to’s” to “get to’s”. Telling the truth and letting go of the nonsense allowed abundance to show up in my life.

What Financial Caca are you still holding on to?

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