No Mas Caca: Day Three

By | July 20, 2021

My first thought when someone says “be reasonable” is always “f%ck you”.

However, when asked what my determination would be for a spiritual group, I chose to clean up the language and go for a more sedate- STOP BEING REASONABLE!!!

All around the world things go on that seem very unreasonable and we adjust and make them our new accepted and normal way of doing things.

COVID, a global and deadly virus has made evryone examine when and how they interact with co-workers, friends and family.

No one has pointed out that we are living in a highly unreasonable society.

I keep running across articles that say this is the time for humanity to move forward, right its wrongs and just plain, flat-out-hard-down-do better.

As the old black folk call it- get some “act right”.

We’ve had far too many years of folks cutting a fool who ought to know better.

I don’t agree with the big “O” or Dr. Maya Angelou who state- when you know better you do better.

My take on it- act like you got some goddamn sense and realize other people exist and what you do has an affect on those around you.

Oh yes darlings. This is my year of being unreasonable.

If you gave up being reasonable, what would your life look like?

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