4 thoughts on “Should you remain friends with your Ex ?

  1. John

    I had an ex who lied constantly and basically did what ever he wanted without thinking of the consequences to him, me or us.

    Another great article.

  2. dk

    If you truly love someone, I believe it changes but never goes away. Treating it like a watch that you lend to someone and then have returned to you is not realistic. As long as the exes are honest with each other and don’t have any hidden agendas, I see no reason why they can’t built some sort of truly platonic relationship post romance.

  3. JG

    Awesome topic – I’m one that tends to be friends with everyone including those I’ve dated in the past. However I’m not of the mindset to have sexual relations with a past romantic interest specifically a former boyfriend. Until reading this article I hadn’t thought of what it might look like going on a trip with a former lover — not that we continue to have sex but outsiders or someone that I’m pursuing might think so. As to someone that I’m pursuing and his relationship with his ex-lover … I certainly hope they remain friends if they have good communication… as I want to be around a happy whole person…. and not someone that is sacrificing his interest in hopes of making it with me.

  4. Al

    I am on friendly terms with my ex’s ..except for one ..the bf from hell, and when we did bump into each other (quite accidentally) a year after the carnage, it actually was a pleasant conversation but I could see he was up to his old crap with his current bf. Poor guy ..gotta’ wonder how long THAT lasted. This sure hit home, Anthony!!!


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