Telling the Boogeyman to Shove It

By | June 2, 2022

When I refer to the Boogeyman, I am always and only referring to bullies and things that menace us and leave us unable to self design our lives.

Anything that causes ongoing grief, upset and an inability for us to move forward must be eliminated.

Whether it’s the bully on the schoolyard, in the office or in your marriage or family, it all comes down to three seperate but related concepts that if handled correctly will drastically alter the outcome.

Broken agreements, unclear boundaries and a lack of skill all lead us to disastrous outcomes that leave us frustrated , unhappy and most chilling -unhappy and disappointed with ourselves.

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As a person bullied throughout childhood (and a few folks who thought they’d try this nonsense with me in adulthood) I can say from personal experience that my big takeaway and most regretful experiences have been when I allowed someone to act a plum fool and then felt like there was something wrong with me.

My main goal in life right now is to follow Vanzants procedure for eliminating bullies which is all about setting and holding clear boundaries.

No matter what. Folks ain’t gone like it. Oh well, they will get over it or not.

What’s more important that I honor their behavior or my feelings and thoughts?

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