What Happens When We Lead with the Possibility of Loss

By | June 3, 2022

Whenever it has been time for some serious change, it has always been a series of steps that involve (loss) giving something up.

Every major change requires the uncomfortableness of “giving something up”.

Many times I have been frustrated when things don’t change.

When things are not moving in the appropriate direction (mine) I constantly have to remind myself that the only way to create a different outcome is to take full responsibility for my actions and the attention I bring to the task at hand.

Bringing in this type of focus requires me to become comfortable with loss.

It’s important to compassionately recall what it feels like to be in the throes of change with no guarantee of an unimaginable gain.

Many times I’ve been scared shitless then moved forward anyway.

Some days it worked and some day I ended up with the proverbial egg on my face.

Recently, I took on the extreme possibility of a $20,000 loss or gain.

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Being asked to speak up and for our cause was scary as motherfucking hell.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t spoken in front of crowds before or been trained to speak.

Instead, I was invited to speak to a different group about some different things.

Shaky and determined to show up and show out, I hit the stage and began speaking.

What would I have to release in an effort to move me to the next level?

What needed to be released is the belief that if I screwed up and or was not perceived as anything other than competent (translation- perfect) that I should simply shut my face hole and just rely on others to lead and or make decisions.

This is the biggest default and problem when it comes to loss.

What type of leader will I be?

Will anyone listen?

Will it be ok to make a mistake and how will I recover if I do?

Anyone who decides to lead has dealt has had to devise their own way of dealing with the fear that accompanies change and leadership.

How have I handled this fear and upset?

Sometimes not very well other times extremely well.

What about you dear reader?

Do you have experience leading with loss looming in the background?

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