Thank You Billy Porter

By | August 15, 2022

Dear Mr. Porter,

This is a raving, rabid fan letter.

Many years ago, I saw a video of you singing “Love is on the Way” and it was magical.

I silently cried and sent a prayer to you knowing that if you were to survive and thrive inside this game you would need support by one thousand unseen hands and much good will.

My wish then was that you decided to get even better and more fabulous as opposed to bitter and despair filled.

Many years later, during an interview, you gave us a glimpse into that beautiful mind and boundless talent.

You served us a healthy dose of what self-love, healthy boundaries and a recognition of your talent could look like.

During the interview you broke my heart when you shared your struggle to be seen and work as an emotional creative (actor).

I recognized your extraordinary talent and understood that we may never get fully acknowledged because of our package (black, gay). I understood the difficulty involved with creating art in a world that says : go away or stay around and make yourself into something else.

Thank you for not taking the ultimatum and choosing to take a dangerous and political stance: stick around and become a revolution.

You declared that performers must perform.

Compassionately speaking to performers who didn’t fit into a neat package, you passionately urged us to keep growing our skills by performing in our living rooms.

Mr. Porter what brilliance and resourcefullness.

Here’s another reason I love you.

Good art breaks you open and breaks your heart so you can heal.

Whether singing you ass off at Kennedy Center, offering Ms. Blanca support during an emotional scene in an AIDS unit or confronting Ms. Candy about forcing the world to see her, your humanity inspired my own and your talent told me : keep working- your day will come.

So what’s next?

I know you’re directing films now and have your sights on continued activism and becoming an EGOT.

We are here for it. Teach the Children and let them know what time it is.

Here’s the real deal… You didn’t die. You worked your ass off and as the saying goes got “So Good They Couldn’t Ignore You”.

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