Seven Reasons Why Never Have I Ever is the Best Show on Netflix

By | August 18, 2022

Mindy Kaling is a creative genius.

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If you have not binged on her latest bit of brilliance, my god what is wrong with you?

For three wonderful binge worthy seasons, mother Kaling has brought us funny, heartbreaking conversations and characters who crush the assumptions that only thin, young and white matters.

Most of the wonderful cast consists of people of color and that’s fine with me.

So to get you to binge it like you mean it, here are seven reasons why Never Have I Ever is the best show on Netflix.

1. Mindy Kaling is an incredible writer and storyteller. It’s difficult to build a stand-alone episode that includes heartbreak, revolution, resolution and laugh out loud comedy and yet she and her team of writers show up and show out.

2. Nirmala Vishwakumar. It’s hysterical watching this woman deliver her one-liners about seeeing the musical Mean Girls or trying to marry off her granddaughter by letting her know that her family won’t realize she has a different husband. Hilarious!

3.The almost lesbian relationship between Fabiola and Aneesa. It’s brilliant to show them navigating a relationship based in mutual respect and seeing one another and then struggling to create a new relationship blueprint after realizing that there love was a platonic one.

4. Speaking of Ms. Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) it’s clear that she and Eleanor (Ramona Young) could carry an entire series on their capable shoulders. Watching Ms. Ramona give the JLo speech from Hustlers complete with a pole twirl- magical. Her commitment to her craft and friend is nothing short of joyous.

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5. The pure beauty of seeing all of that skin color at one time is also a wonderful experience. Speaking of which, Ms. Mindy, where did you round up all the brown eye candy- Devi’s dad, Nerdish, the school teacher courting Devis’ cousin. Girl, you nailed it (pun intended)!

6. Devi and her close circle of friends of color are all super smart and revel in their nerdyness. Whether creating creepy robots or crushing an argument about space exploration, the nerd squad gets it going. When Fab tells them she has something to spice up the evening (a board game called brain ) then explains that one of the outcomes is guessing a war or taking on a long division math problem, I howled.

7. John McEnroe’s narrating teenage angst and providing insight about why hormonal, wacky teenagers carry on the way they do.

8. No one is an idiot. Although everyone is not a super brain like Devi, Fabiola or Ben the show’s humor doesn’t rely on someone being stupid as a punchline.

I shared seven reasons to watch this brilliance then added an eighth.

Stop nitpicking and go fire up Netflix.

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