Why We All Need a Love Army and a Three Step Process to Building and Maintaining One Part 2

By | January 9, 2014

I want to believe that I am still 25.

Accepting limitations is hard. Nobody wants to acknowledge that they are not the person they used to be.

By accepting our limitations, we cannot be held back or limited because of them.

This is the second step in building a love army.

Start looking for folks who can do things you can’t. We are taught that we should know everything and never ask questions;we should and can do everything splendidly. Let’s all accept the reality of being human and of our lives. Nobody does everything well.

As the old saying goes: God doesn’t give with two hands. In other words, retire the cap and release the notion that anybody can do everything well.

Part of building a love army is knowing where you shine and where you don’t. I have trouble listening to people because much of childhood was mired in discouragement about what was possible.

I trained myself to listen to me.

My wonderful Love Army Captain, Jay, is an incredible listener but an awful cook. When he used to visit me, I would cook and he would listen.

While I can spend time working on my weakness, wouldn’t a better use of my time be spent doing what I do well and then bringing in folk who are more suited for skills in other areas ?
Many people have a mentality steeped in the belief that to ask anybody for anything is weak.This type of thinking severely limits what they will allow themselves to achieve.

As a result, they don’t achieve much or get very far in life.

My friend Jay often comments on my ability to turn situations around and create value despite any present circumstances or reality.

When we know and accept where we excel(and are aware of and accept where we don’t) and allow the same for others, true magic can occur.

Have you figured out where your weaknesses lie and whom you can dispatch to keep you from trying to do it all ?

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