Why We all need a Love Army and a Three Step Process to Building and Maintaining One

By | January 5, 2014

In Sade’s 2010 single, “Soldier of Love”, she shares she’s doing her best.

As a person who is also committed to doing his best, my devotion to friends and a few family members is how I strive and hold myself responsible for showing up for me. For many years, I was unaware that myself and everyone needs a love army. There are many ways to build them and they are in constant need of revamping and vigilance when things go wrong.

What I love most about my life is that I have one helluva love army.

It is my wish and hope that we all create one of our own. Throughout my life, I have learned that you need three things to create this life sustaining arsenal.

First, the clarity to know where you are weak and in which direction you would like to go.

Secondly, taking stock of who in your camp is already doing their part and who you can assist.

Third, letting go of old one-sided relationships that you have outgrown and are based in guilt, obligation or simple convenience.

When attempting to do more than sit around and wait for the gods to come a calling, a person has to get very clear about what it is they are trying to achieve and why.

Passionate people devoted to things passionately are a great place to start.

Many times you will find yourself in relationship with someone who occupies a very different space in the world than you do. We should welcome perspectives that are different than ours. We should seek out a person who has a different set of baggage and bs than ours.

There have been several occasions when I was attacking a problem with minimal results because my resources were limited. I could only pull from and make a reference from a familiar experience.

By including passionate people (committed to having great relationships, staying sober, getting out of debt and building personal wealth) I always have the opportunity to look at and then do things differently.

When you have folks in your immediate circle committed to winning in their personal lives and assisting those that they love to do the same, you have a powerful combination that is unstoppable.

So what is it that you would like to create and who in your personal circle can help you achieve this ?

Can’t think of anyone ? Start thinking about making some changes in who you call friend.

Let’s assume you have a wonderful cadre of pals and you have decided you want to go back to school, start a business, get out of debt or set some serious life changing boundaries. Who in your cluster has done any one these things and either succeeded or made a colossal mess.

You can learn from both extremes.

One thought on “Why We all need a Love Army and a Three Step Process to Building and Maintaining One

  1. John Mulholland

    What a simple and yet anything but simple article!

    So perceptive, who and what and why we are who we are, stated with such bracing clarity, such perception. This should be wallpaper on computer screens world-wide.

    Thank you, Anthony Carter.


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