30 Day Challenge- Moving from Dad Bod to Healthy Body

By | March 14, 2019

Two weeks ago, I turned fifty-one.

On this day, I had a look in the mirror and have a good talk with myself.

Putting on twenty and then thirty pounds was no easy feat and took a lot of eating and sitting around.

Many would say a marriage, a steady income and a sedentary job that is knowledge heavy and emotionally dependent are the causes of the weight gain.

I say I’ve lost control and am no longer dictating what goes into my mouth or how often I take care of and challenge my body.

So join me as I challenge myself to get and stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Join me as I add all types of physical activity to my weekly routine- hot yoga, Salsa Dancing, swimming.

Today is day four of no carbs and I feel great. What are suggestions for turbocharging my results?

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