Day Six – Kicking the Sugar Pimp in the Groceries for Thirty Days

By | June 6, 2021

Anything is possible once you make up your mind!

At one point in my life, I went without sugar for five days and bribed myself to do it.

In 2004, I took on the no sugar plan with a promise to myself. If I could last until Friday, I would buy Prince’s latest album.

It worked and in my thirties this seemed like a major accomplishment.

Now in my fifties, I have a different calling on my life.

I know it’s a cliche’ and this doesn’t mean it ain’t true. At 53, I am looking to write, produce and support youth for the next fifity years.

Bribing myself will not work.

My focus needs to sharpen.

Inviting other black males to join me in my health quest and a healthy obsession with defying the statistics will provide accountablity and an opportunity to refocus.

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How will I recruit and support others?

What is this process called?


Making the health and well being of 10,000 black men a priority is a total revolution.

Are you in?

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