Nine Things Black Folks Need to Stop Doing Part 1

By | February 25, 2018

Stop worrying about what white folks think or feel about you.

Much of our collective suffering and inability to rethink solutions and possible outcomes have their root in the seduction and performance that is whiteness.

Far too many of us believe that we can appease the “theys” in our worlds if we constantly and stupidly over concern ourselves with what is thought or said about us by people that in many instances don’t like us very much.

It is very psychotic and disturbing to spend any time fretting about what white folks think about you and your goings on.

With the advent of White Supremacy and its unrelenting innovation which targets our self esteem and body images, our behavior is pretty predictable.

Whites have their own pain and discomfort as a a result of White Supremacy.

Living in this culture no one is immune from and no one escapes its diabolical reach and subsequent effects.

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