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Ten Easy to Follow Rules for a Happy Life as a Fifty-Year-Old

Fifty year olds have a good chance of living another forty years. This is an assumption that can be a fact if certain life rules are applied. There are simple and free things you can do to increase the likelihood that you will live into your nineties. What if the secret to living long and… Read More »

How I Will Live To 150 And You Can Too!

Have you ever heard news so shocking that you stop breathing? Have you ever been told you only have two options: change or die? Two weeks before I turned 52, I was given a double shock about my health. With stress as a constant companion and a sky high blood pressure reading, it was either… Read More »

My Love Letter To All The Wonderful Plant Based Black Folks I Met During Covid

Greetings all, It has been one solid year of eating like I got some sense. One year ago, my doctor spit out an awful diagnosis. High Blood Pressure. Stroke adjacent. Daily Pills. After being pissed off and eating my through a pandemic for five months, I made a decision. I would not be a statistic… Read More »